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Awhile back, I was able to interview, via Instagram private messaging, with Alan Sears of the deathcore band, Mortal Treason. We talk about the Mortal Treason Hiatus, Issues with the band’s former label, and ZAO References. Those first two specifically. I saved this interview specifically for the IVM Rebirth! Check it out!!!

Who am I speaking to?

Alan Sears: What’s up guys, This is Alan Sears. I played bass on the first album and played guitar during the reunion.

What is your discography? You were only on A Call to the Martyrs correct?

AS: That is correct. I’ve always been a guitarist but Seth asked me to play bass so I obliged. After Sunrise, the band got back together after 12 or 13 year break to play guitar, to write new material and play shows.

Alright. Is the material close to finished? And will there be any like west/east coast tours or anything?

AS: Unfortunately we are not doing anything as a band at this present time. With Seth and his bike career, me with my family and my career, Josh and Chase likewise….it’s hard to devote time for new material, especially touring. That being said, we often have the itch to get together and play, so the future of Mortal Treason is not lost and gone forever and never will be. We adore our fans and hate that our presence is dry in the metal community. Actually we have a rule that the word fan or fans is taboo in the band. We call you guys family, sounds corny but its the truth. There has been members of the Mortal Treason “family” that have become just that to us, in all aspects of the definition of the word.

That is the coolest and nicest thing I’ve ever heard! And that’s good to hear! I really am looking forward to this new material whenever it is released. I’m glad to hear this. I had read on Wikipedia that you guys had broken up again. I guess it isn’t the most reliable source. This is more of a hiatus though if I understand correctly.

AS: That’s correct. I can’t imagine us ever being fully broken up for good. Even if we come back with a new name (which we have discussed before) it will still be us and Mortal Treason at heart. But as I said before the future is always uncertain. We’ve all been friends since we were kid’s so we can’t just burn it down and walk away (haha #zaoreference). When we do decide to release new material it will be self produced. We are done with record labels.

(Awesome! Lol) Interesting. Was Flicker Records a bad experience?

AS: Bro, you couldn’t possibly understand but you’ll have to forgive me not to go into specifics for legal reasons. Regardless metal shouldn’t be intertwined in politics and hierarchy, it should be craved and enjoyed by all. Wow I just sounded like Santa Clause hahaha.

Interesting. I’ve read and conducted interview that many musicians in bands say they hate labels, but then later on sign to labels. And that surprises me! But the one label in particular, Rottweiler, seems very legit.

AS: I’ve heard good things from Rottweiler as well. We in no way encourage up and coming band’s to not seek out a label. By all means but the said band needs to do their research first and not just at the first thing that comes along. Label’s are just not for us anymore, we’re old and established so there’s simply no need.

I think what you said was very wise. That’s a very good point!

AS: Might I say this to you and the rest of the Treason family? You guy’s please continue to follow and support Seth in whatever he is involved with concerning his biking career! He can still hang with these new guy’s for sure!

Yes you may! I’ll pass that along. What are some other Christian metal/hardcore bands around your area?

AS: I’m in a hardcore band called Bareknuckle. For fans of old Hatebreed and Terror. We formed in 2006. Broke up and got back together. We are actually playing a show at the end of this month. We also endorse a deathcore band here in Huntsville that goes By the name of Gatekeeper. Great bunch of guys and a solid sound, they’re getting letting big here lately so don’t be surprised if you hear of them and go to their shows! We also love Erra, Amnesty Please, Shade…a few that call Bama home. All seems lost from OKC are some good dudes as well. If any of you have a chance to see any of these guys live please do so! You won’t be disappointed!

Where can people find Bareknuckle’s music?

AS: We only put out one EP which can be heard in its entirety on SoundCloud under the name Lance McLaughlin (who is the bands vocalist).

Alright. Is there anything else you would like to say?

AS: I think that about covers everything man. I really appreciate the opportunity. Don’t get to talk about metal (past and present) very often which is a crying shame. I can’t urge you guys enough to be apart of your scene. Go to shows, local or non regardless of the genre! Thanks again!

Is this the first interview Treason has done since returning?

AS: No sir, Seth has done some as well.


AS: Anytime

Alright! Thanks for talking to me bro!

Of course bro, anytime!

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November 10, 2016 10:29 am

I didn’t know there had been a reunion. My only question here is… Do they categorize themselves as a deathcore band? Because to me, that genre doesn’t fit them in the slightest, unless they have changed their sound dramatically.

November 8, 2016 7:29 am

I am always always hoping for new Mortal Treason! I hope to see Seth and everyone play live again someday!

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