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Aimee Romero’s been busy the last few years integrating herself into all areas of music, whether it be writing for Zambooie, designing for her clothing line or singing in Marrow. She took some time out her busy schedule to take a few questions about her faith and music.

Joel/IVM: So start by introducing yourself, who are you and what do you do?

Aimee/Marrow: my name is aimee. i do a number of things. could you be more specific?

Joel/IVM: Give me a rundown of the various projects you are currently involved with right now.

Aimee/Marrow: well, i’m always involved in a million things. i try to make sure it all has something to do with serving Jesus. I believe that we’re supposed to do everything we do unto the glory of God. right now i’m making clothes (you can check some out at and soon you’ll be able to check them out on I try to keep them themed around the bible, literature, math and science. I write a blog for zambooie and do some other things over there. i play guitar, sing, and write for the band marrow( i’m writing a book of short stories, prose, and poetry. i do some grassroots marketing stuff for marian records, and some other junk. i just graduated from college and i’m looking forward to having time to do more stuff.

Joel/IVM: How did you first get involved in music?

Aimee/Marrow: i used to carry around a red tape recorder when i was two. i sang little songs and would play stuff for my parents. i started playing shows in highschool, mostly covering songs. i didn’t really get into writing until the end of highschool and beginning of college. i just like music so i keep learning how to play things. i don’t actually know chords or anything. i just make it up. it’s really hard for me to do things the right way.

Joel/IVM: What inspired your latest creation of music? What’s the story behind the name?

Aimee/Marrow: there’s only one thing i really care about and that’s connectivity. if you think about it, everything important is about connection. our relationship with Jesus, our relationship with others, those are the most important connections in our lives. i love connectivity in math, science, art, music, you know. so i love music and literature. i haven’t been inspired by anything lately other than science. i have this one song that’s based on the scientific method. it’s got all seven steps involved. i know that’s pretty major lamesville, but i guess i can’t really help it. i like science because it’s such a testament to the complexity of creation. the heavens and the earth declare the glory of God. i want to write more about sinusoids. i feel like they’re a common thread to living. kind of like plotinus’ theory on lovers, or those “stung more sharply” by beauty. our amplitudes vary and i think it’s interesting to note.

Joel/IVM: You recently added a few members to your ranks? How has this changed your performance? Is anyone else contributing to the writing?

Aimee/Marrow: i haven’t been able to play as many writer’s nights. i like it anyway. i kind of feel like it changed the sound a lot. i do all the writing, we haven’t had a lot of time for collaboration as of yet. johnathan the mandolin player and i have been writing stuff for a seperate project that is yet devoid of a name.

Joel/IVM: What do you think is the role of a christian in the arts industry? And how do you personally live that out?

Aimee/Marrow: it’s hard for me to really imagine myself as a part of the arts industry. i play music because i can’t help it. i don’t know much about music at all. with that said, i think that a christian’s job is to do everything heartily and unto the lord. i think it’s your job to do things to the best of your ability. as christians, we need to recognize the gifts God’s given us and provide the world with quality. i feel like it’s dangerous to slip into making “christian music” for christian people. ya, we should provide an alternative to all the negative stuff out there for christians AND non christians alike. we need to provide the whole world with something real and good, something created heartily and unto the lord. christians are salt and light, it’s important that we strive to be effective in those roles. it’s hard to be effective with a sub par product. my music isn’t overtly christian all the time, but the meaning behind everything i write comes from my thoughts and my thoughts are shaped by a relationship with Jesus. i guess it all comes back to the wonders of connectivity. if something i write strikes a chord with someone, a seed is being sewn. i think it’s completely amazing that god might use our music to reach into someone’s heart.

Joel/IVM: You also run a small record label..? How did that get started?

Aimee/Marrow: it’s not much of a label, really. it started out that way, but really it just turned into a little network of bands and people i want to give a little push to. basically i just try to raise interest in a few artists. my brother monstro the whale ( and i started it up in NY a few years back. it’s actually helped me understand the music industry and connected me to a lot of really interesting, talented people. it’s also associated with my design stuff, but i’m changing all the design to “artkill.” it’s all going to be available at soon. i write a blog for them right now under “the artkill” too.

Joel/IVM: What are your plans for the future? Any touring with the band?

Aimee/Marrow: right now we’re trying to get our first EP as a band together. hopefully we’ll be touring before too long. will be filming us soon and putting the video on their site. that’ll be pretty rad. i hope to get all my writing, art, and design stuff compiled with our music. i always have this vision of some huge exciting collaborative force of art and science and math and everything i like. i guess i’m a little self centered.

Joel/IVM: Do you have any formal training in music? Do you plan to make a career of it?

Aimee/Marrow: everything i do is made up. i don’t know anything about music at all. i just like playing it. i can’t really envision a time that i won’t be writing songs and playing. i guess it all depends on what blessings God wants to give me.


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