Best of Lists 2017

August 25, 2021

Song of the Day: Officer Negative - JCHC

Officer Negative is hxc punk at its finest imho. The Californian band even recently re-released some stuff last year from my recollection& I was able to buy a JCHC t-shirt! I am still stoked lol!. Anyways JCHC stands for Jesus Christ Hardcore & is an in your face about such. After the band disbanded, they formed a couple of other bands including hxc Hit the Deck metalcore The Death Campaign Project & cowpunk Zippy Josh. Below are its lyrics as well as a live video: Living for Christ is what we do That’s the definition of our hardcore We don’t need drugs or booz Christian punks we won’t loose Jesus Christ Hardcore Kick satan in the face With our steel toe boots We are in the army of God With salvation as our roots We all stand together Unified by Jesus Christ Defeating Satan spew With the word of Jesus Christ Sick and tired of worldly views Sick and tired of satans abuse Sick and tired of compromise Sick and tired of all his lies     Continued →

January 2, 2018

December 25, 2017

Best of 2017: Rob Jensen

2017 was a pretty decent year for music! Between finding newer bands, the resurgence of others from years of inaction, and great albums from bands we’ve come to love and depend on for great music, it was pretty tough to be disappointed. Below, are the 20 albums that I consider to be the year’s best. If there are bands there you haven’t heard of, I hope you check them out, you never know…maybe one of them would’ve made your top spot. And please, drop a line in the comments and let me know your thoughts!… Continued →

The Best of 2017: Noah Hardwick

1. Colony House “Only The Lonely” Only The Lonely really struck a cord with my personally. Every song on this album revolves around our need for each other–a message I sorely need to hear. Thankfully, this record rocks and got spun a lot in 2017. 2. Knox Hamilton “The Heights” Named after a neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas, The Heights is most most played album of 2017. Maybe I’m a little bias because Knox Hamilton is from my hometown. Or maybe the album is just that good.… Continued →

Best of 2017: Graham Wall

1. The Ongoing Concept – Places This is how you make a rock album. Whereas Saloon can be a bit too intense and Handmade a little reserved, Places finds the sweet spot. You can check out my five star review here. Favorite songs: “You Will Go,” “Off the Cuff,” “Domesticated” 2. Theory Hazit – IT’S WHATEVER The Portland, OR emcee and producer released an instrumental album (with the exception of an MF Doom remix album) every month this year. Simply put, he is a beats and rhymes wizard and IT’S WHATEVER is the album that kicked off 2017.… Continued →
68 - Two Parts Viper

Best of 2017: Casey Gallenberger

Here is my “deluxe” review list for 2017 – 20 great albums paired with 17 EPs you shouldn’t overlook. This year, we saw strong releases from veteran acts and new groups alike, and they certainly weren’t confined to one genre. Hopefully you can find a new artist through the list below – and please let me know your opinions in the comments! *Denotes IVM Artist Albums 1.*’68 – Two Parts Viper This abrasive return to form by one of our generation’s most iconic rock duos manages to top their previous release, with a succulent mix of rock, grunge, hardcore, funk, and plenty of passion.… Continued →