Song of the Day: The Psalters - Magnificat

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Let’s mix it up with some Celtic folk punk music akin to The Crossing or a toned down Ballydowse. They are like Jesus People USA to a degree in that they are a Christian community. I ran into another community like their in Charlotte NC when I lived down there several years ago. Anyways, this pretty song is obviously worship & I love what vocalistĀ Scott Krueger’s view that “our Christian walk is supposed to affect every aspect of our lives. So as artists, we want to have that shape our art.”

Lyrics -My soul proclaims my King my only Lord My soul proclaims the Lord my salvation Ha has mercy on those who fear Him From generation to generation Casting down, those who would claim thrones He lifts the low He has brought comfort to the needy And freed the rich of what is empty O my soul, my soul, my soul You are holy, wholly, my whole life For the lowly, the lambs, he breaks the empire’s knife He has come to Israel with mercy A promise to all His children Forever *** The road to hell is paved with good intentions But the road to heaven is not paved

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