Song of the Day: NoiseArt Collective - Red Squares

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NoiseArt Collective is essentially David Schmidt, an Australia-based experimental artist who creates “industrial-tinged synth rock with goth undertones.” From that base, he branches out, dabbling in various forms of experimental, electronic based rock music from extreme metal (synth-based) to noisy hip-hop to weirdo/freakout pop music.

The project is incredibly prolific, releasing multiple albums per year. In fact, since the project’s genesis in 2017, they’ve released over 30 recordings, including one recording of Schmidt reading his own poetry.

When a band has this much material, it’s hard to choose an appropriate introduction point for the new listener. However, “Red Squares,” the opening track from last year’s full-length Shadow of a New Man seems as good a place as any with its downtempo take on electro/EBM. Check out the track here:

All of the band’s 30+ releases are available as free downloads via Bandcamp, but the artist requests that listeners give to a charity of their choice in lieu of making a purchase directly to the band.

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July 28, 2023 6:08 am

I can always count on Loyd to find some new tunes for me to enjoy! Thanks for this one…love it!

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