Song of the Day: Lugsole - Out of Place

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Lugsole was a noisy indie rock band from Birmingham AL with hints of post-punk and emo in their sound. Despite a significant number of releases–both independent and label-issued–they remained a fairly obscure act, whose fans were either music critics or diehard independent music aficionados. Recorded output begins in 1995 and ends in 1998, and in those four short years, they managed to release three cassette demos (two EPs and one full-length), a split 7″ with Dear Ephesus, an EP on compact disc via Daddy-O Records (who also released the first Dear Ephesus recordings), and a 3-way split CD with mainstream acts The Paper Chase and E-Class.

Perhaps the band’s most well-known song is “Out of Place,” which was featured on Velvet Blue Music’s The Nashville Revolt sampler (VBM also issued the split 7″ mentioned above) from 1997. It was also featured on another compilation called Underground 101 from Oklahoma-based M&M Records in 1998.

The song describes the alienation often felt by young adults trying to live life in a different way:

I’m holding on to what I’ll always be
A part of me–just let me be!
I don’t. I don’t. I don’t feel too much like you at all!

You can’t get much more emo than that. You can listen at the link below. Furthermore, the band have made nearly all of their releases as free digital downloads. If you like their work, please consider throwing a few bucks their way to show your appreciation.

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