Song of the Day: Jyradelix - Out for Love

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For a brief moment in the early 1990s, it looked like electronica (or techno, or rave as it was being called at the time) was going to take over popular music. It had a huge following in Christian alternative music for a good two years. Although the synthesizer-driven genre had little to do with the guitar-dominated alt-rock, grunge, and hardcore punk of the era, what it did have in common with those genres was simply being an oddball style of music with which to glorify God.

One of the standout projects in the field was the one-off album Invincible by the semi-mysterious group Jyradelix. Very little was known about the individuals behind the creative unit, except that there were ties to industrial powerhouse Mortal. As it turns out, both Jyro and Jerome were members of the group along with Jerome’s brother Johann and Wilson Peralta, both of which were also involved in Erinfall, Mindbender, and Raving Loonatics.

What set Jyradelix apart from the pack was not only how proficient they were at creating electronic dance music, but just how . . . well, musical they were. The songs–although great for body movements–are incredibly listenable. They managed to weave melodies into their beats and breaks. They also managed to weave in a few scriptures and meditations here and there–most notably the refrain “God is love,” as featured here in our SOTD.

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