Song of the Day: Hopesfall - Shines Through

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Hopesfall heralds from Charlotte, NC where I used to live. This screamo was pretty popular at the time & this tune has been a fave of mine over the years. Their style changed & I think most got into them after the Frailty record released. Check out these lyrics:

Love broke me

Trials are in vain
I press on not knowing what there is to gain
In all that I’ve failed
I have come to realize Your truth shines through the pain


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Marco Leal
November 28, 2023 5:10 am

I love this album! I actually found it for $1 here in Michigan at a place called 2nd and Charles! I’ve found so many good cds there for $1: Dogwood’s Matt Aragon, Mortal Treason’s a call to the martyrs, Pspazz, amongst others. This Hopesfall was and still is my favorite! Thanks for sharing, Timo! Christ bless you!

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