Song of the Day: Honey - The Way You Move Me

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I can only think of 1 or 2 songs where the structure of the song is built primarily around one chord. It’s a pretty risky thing to try. Luxury did it with “South” from their debut album. While there are probably others, the only other one I’m aware of is Honey’s “The Way You Move Me” from their sophomore album, Lost on You. A one-chord song seems like it would be incredibly boring, but with the various embellishments, runs that weave in and out, and ways they alter the chord (okay, technically it’s not only one chord–but it’s built around only one) keep things very interesting and almost psychedelic.

The band/album is one of the few great examples of Christian-oriented bands doing a true shoegaze/dream pop kind of sound. In fact, another song from the album was featured in our shoegaze overview from last year (which can be found here). “The Way You Move Me” in particular reminds me of early material from The Verve, as well as Cush’s debut album, which isn’t all that surprising considering Honey member Doug Moss’s contributions to that project.

What’s also fantastic about this album is that it’s all thematically tied together. It’s simultaneously worshipful and also romantic, seemingly an intentional intertwining of the celebration of marital love with love of the Creator.

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October 11, 2023 7:56 am

One of my all-time favorite records!

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