Song of the Day: Hellfighter Worship vs Hillsong - Life of Fire vs From the Inside Out

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So today is my birthday and I have been recollecting my life these past 46 years & how it relates to the music I have grown to enjoy.

I originated from the quad cities in Illinois. I accepted Jesus into my heart at around 5 years old from a lady who ended up being a missionary to Europe. My earliest music memory was calling in for Farrell & Farrell’s People in a Box to be played on my birthday for a couple years on local CCM radio. I also liked a band called Harvest back then. My family moved to the middle of the country about 5 miles from where the founder of State Farm Insurance grew up in 1990. Being homeschooled, I remember going to see my grandparents a lot when my dad had to go to National Guard. My grandpa Leo is the picture of the man on my channel eating ice cream. There was this awesome Christian station KQCS 93.5fm that would play this crazy rock music during the middle of the day. I heard all kinds of stuff like Hoi Polloi, Kim Boyce’s Facts of Love, etc…  On Friday nights, they would have a metal show and I learned of Bride, Believer, etc… I also was able to catch this show out of Champaign/Urbana & was introduced to stuff like Reflescent Tide, Hot Pink Turtle, etc… Sometimes my mom would take us my sister & I to Springfield MO. I remember spraining my ankle at a Johnny Q Public concert. There was a station there that played this alternative music like The Choir and Daniel Amos. Christian bookstores were in abundance back then & I found out about stuff thru the mags like 7 Ball, True Tunes & HM. Got into older Gospel rap circa the late 80s/early 90s & was into SFC, DOC, etc.. Also, started liking reggae like Christafari also around that time. I also attended a few college days with my church & learned of Plankeye & Mortal. Ended up attending high school my last year & met a guy who introduced me to Circle of Dust & Sixpence.

Joined the military in 97 and ended up seeing so many shows over the 8 years I was in. Relient K in a church basement. Raves in North Carolina (not Christian). Met some dudes in my unit that were totally into skateboarding, rollerblades & music like Goldfinger, Pennywise, etc.. Tons of bands at New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC. Place was small & so my friend & I would hang out with the bands like Slick Shoes, Zao, Underoath, MewithoutYou, etc.. I remember being stuck on a military base for duty stuff and talking to Tim on the phone from Underoath when I missed a show once. I also worked with a military band member who ran sound for shows & I met Cannibal Corpse, Hed PE, Nonpoint, Vanilla Ice & a few others. I never did listen to Cannibal, but Corpsegrinder is nice. Saw Disciple (for the 1st time) and Junker Jorge during a road trip with my friend. Was actually a youth pastor on one of the army bases for a short time. Korea was so boring, but I did find some decent online stations & ran across & which put tons more music on the map for me. Also, met one of my best friends Ben outside of a Walmart a few days before 9/11 because who wouldn’t say hello to some dude wearing a These 5 Down shirt!!!

After exiting the military in 05, I got into country. Saw Dixie Chicks, Kenny Chesney, & a few others I can’t remember. Ended up moving to VA for some residential construction work & saw tons of bands like Papa Roach and ICP.

Moving back to IL circa 2007, I remember seeing Kittie & got a hug from one of the members as they were leaving the stage.

Moved back to the Carolinas in 2008 & I stopped going to see bands like I had used to. Worked a lot & raised my kids. Went back to college & that helped me start seeing shows sometimes, but also DJd live goth shows around the Charlotte NC area. I did a lot of Christian trance mixes & my friend did darkwave stuff like Fatal Blast Whip.

After college in 2008, moved back yet again to IL & Bloomington doesn’t have much for shows. Saw Islander twice, Lacey Sturm, Red, Slipknot, & others & Stryper on their THWTD tour. Seen a few AC artists also like Jason Gray.

Moved back to VA about a year ago & have been to a couple shows, but not many. ’68 was really good & the festivals at the beach has brought some decent ones. Also, have worked with merch booths for a church around me for some AC artists.

I have always been fond of Christian music due to not being able to listen to mainstream when I was a kid. My mom was strict & my dad listened to oldies. I also have thought Christian music has been at least on par with mainstream music on their songwriting and sound but most people don’t know of it due to tons of reasons.  I have heard tons of older & newer mainstream music  I really like mainstream stuff from Reel Big Fish & Tool, both of whom are on my bucket list to see live. I am currently getting stoked to see this year Owl City & NeedtoBreathe.  My sister Tracy totally loves Taylor Swift! She will laugh when I send her this article! 🙂

This 1st SOTD was introduced to me by Joe who has been a pastor now for circa 20 years. We met while I was stationed in the Carolinas & I was his best man at his wedding!  This song is probably the best worship song I have ever heard -maybe being tied with my fave song of all time which is Hillsong’s From the Inside Out. Get ready to worship our creator who still loves us no matter how bad this world may seem. Try & live your life according to His will. It’s not too late to give your life to Him. Trust me, He has helped me more than I can count.


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Nathan Atwood
Nathan Atwood
January 27, 2024 5:13 pm

Hey Timo, thanks for sharing. I’m a longtime reader of your posts on Indie Vision, and it was nice to hear about your background, thanks for sharing.

We share many similar tastes in music, and it’s enjoyable to read articles written by someone who grew up in alternative Christian music scene like myself.

Keep on writing, I enjoy what you’re doing. If you ever need any help writing articles or doing work on the site, let me know. I have a business background and know a little about computers.

Simon M.
Simon M.
January 25, 2024 8:23 pm

Happy Birthday Timo! Intresting Article about your life.

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