Song of the Day: globalWAVEsystem - Deathstroke to Youth

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It’s been a while since I’ve featured any industrial music, so this seems like a good time to remedy that. globalWAVEsystem has been around since the early 90s, playing a harsh form of electronic industrial or EBM. At times the music is danceable, but it had a much harsher, darker edge than Deitiphobia or November Commandment. Yet the songs were more structured than Mental Destruction or Blackhouse and there were never any guitars present.

In fact, their niche take on the genre is probably what kept them from getting broader exposure and more fans than their counterparts in Mortal, Circle of Dust, and the aforementioned artists. I hate comparisons like this, but the collective was probably the closest kin the Christian scene had to Skinny Puppy.

They released one song on the seminal SLAVA: Voice of the People compilation on Blonde Vinyl Records, and a demo tape around the same time. Their full-length debut was originally slated to be on Blonde Vinyl as well, but the Michael Knott-owned company folded before it could be released, so it wound up releasing on the mostly metal label Intense Records. They released an EP in 1998 for Flaming Fish Music and and independent live CDr that same year.

I’ve chosen one of their catchier songs for our SOTD, as it’s the one that gets lodged in my head when I think about the band. Their lyrics often focused on issues of morality and societal issues from a Christian perspective, including our chosen track:

the youth are not invincible
the youth are not invincible
there is an ultimate morality
there is an ultimate morality

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