Song of the Day: Disciples of Christ (D.O.C.) - Deeper

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Rap music in the early 90s was making huge breakthroughs into both mainstream pop music and Gospel music, all the while splintering into dozens of subgenres: gangsta rap, new jack swing, Miami bass, among the most prominent. Tulsa locals D.O.C., AKA Disciples of Christ were fluent in the Philadelphia-based new jack swing sound, a combination of hip-hop, urban contemporary pop, and R&B/soul sounds.

Alton Hood and Kevin Harvey met in college before they knew the Lord. Having dabbled in the party lifestyle, and even in the occult, they turned their lives over to Christ through a miraculous intervention of God. Michael Brown was adding to the group after meeting him in Canton, OH where the duo had relocated.

The group released three full-length albums for Star Song, and later a fourth record on their own label, Rapusical Records. “Deeper” is taken from the Star Song debut So How Ya Livin? and speaks of the need to move beyond an immature faith, and deepen one’s roots in Christ.

D.O.C. would later experiment with rap/rock hybrids (featuring Bride on a cover of Argent’s “God Gave Rock and Roll to You”), and 70s funk on subsequent album.

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