Song of the Day: Collision of Innocense - Took My Place vs In Between

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Modern rock band CoI has its roots in Myrtle Beach, SC where I used to hang out a lot back in the day. They have released a slew of singles over the past few years & I keep anticipating a full-length, but have yet to seen one arise. From what I gather the band history branched from 2 different artists: Hands of Elohim which released the awesome song Never Alone & Voices at Midnight (you can read my review of their song Open Wounds on this site also). Both had come out at the same time & are from the same area. Maybe someone else knows exactly. Anyways, check out the lyric samples from both songs.

You took my place
And bore the stripes for mе
Loosened my restraints
Thеy took You into custody
And I watched You bleed, I saw You suffer
For my iniquities
As they drove the nails, I stood in horror
Why would You do this for me?

Sometimes I feel so alone
Breathe into me
And make me feel alive
Breathe into me
‘Cause I’m fighting with the enemy
The sands of time have stained you
But you can be washed clean
Collision of our innocence
The darkness lies beneath
Are we gonna live forever?
Or wither in our dreams?


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