Song of the Day: Broken Flesh - Yeshua

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Warning-Do NOT listen to this SOTD at full volume if you don’t like heavy worship music. I’ve know musician Kevin Tubby for a few years now since seeing him at several Audiofeed’s. I have also listen to his bands Obliteration & Death List before Broken Flesh. BF just released a live album which cleans up their live sound. I wanted to show the live video to show how fast their drummer is. Check em out if you already haven’t. & these lyrics too.

Yeshua without you there is no life, father messiah into your hands i put my life, lion of the tribe of judah.
Bloodstained bloodbought my life is yours use me now, father messiah into your hands i put my life, in the name of yeshua the serpent crushed beneath your feet.
Worthy are you lord, all praise to your name
Yeshua ya-masheakah, jehovah i praise your name


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