Song of the Day: xThe Red Baronx - My First Love

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xThe Red Baronx were a straight edge Christian hardcore band out of West Palm Beach, Florida. Their stint was short lived from 2004 to 2009, with only 2 releases to claim, 2007’s split with xBishopx (secular band) on Dead Truth and 2009’s full length “My First Love” released on Blood & Ink.

Upon hearing xThe Red Baronx one can immediately distinguish that it IS xThe Red Baronx, from the unapologetic lyrics to Phil Porto’s distinct voice. This song speaks to those who are not only lost, but to believers who may have strayed. It is a reminder that Christ is ALWAYS there with open arms to accept us whether coming to Him for the first time or returning from being led astray. Christ is our “First Love”. This song is apt with today being Valentine’s day and all, but also to serve as a reminder that not only today, but every day Christ’s love for us endures.

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mr. zer0
mr. zer0
February 17, 2020 10:22 am

Nice write up. Still have this CD and play it at the gym. You should check out Phil’s post Red Baron material, some good Hip Hop joints and features.

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