Song of the Day: Tragedy Ann - Eugene

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Much like the song Hey Gene by The Choir, this song is an homage to the late Gene Eugene who fronted mainly Adam Again, but also conspired on various other projects. Tragedy Ann’s band members have risen from the ashes of one of my fave 90s bands Sometime Sunday (especially their Stone release) & then went to start a rock ‘n roll worship band literally called The Rock & Roll Worship Circus. This song reminds us to be humble no matter what our profession is and inspire others to look to our Saviour Jesus.

Lyrics:   as i hit the stage i wonder i turn the volume up
and yet i’m troubled
i don’t want to be your rockstar but if i wasn’t,
could i talk to you about Jesus? is it Jesus that you are seeing?
or a jester that’s just here to entertain you?
please don’t worship me, and don’t seek with your eyes.

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