Song of the Day: The Letter Black - Believe

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The Letter Black is a modern female fronted rock band from Pennsylvania. Originally known as Breaking the Silence, they have released a few LPS at this stage of their career with the latest being on Seventh Day Slumber’s Joseph Rojas’ Rockfest records. Anyways, hope you like this symphonic esque rock song about believing in Jesus even though we cannot see Him.

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone
Hoping, praying You hear me
Screaming inside to ease the pain
Save me, keep me alive

I’m not afraid anymore
Of what I don’t know

Believe, in the unknown (I put my faith, in the unknown)
Believe, in God alone (I put my hope, in God alone)
Have faith in what you don’t know

Sometimes I feel like I have to cry
Until my emotions have run dry
I’m breaking inside to hide the pain
Save me, keep me alive

I know you’re here
I can feel you now
I know your love embraces me

Give up all your sorrow
Have faith in what you don’t know
In God alone
Have faith in what you don’t know
You don’t know

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Jim Naysium
Jim Naysium
February 23, 2022 10:22 am

i got the chance to see these guys live in 2010, about ~a week before their first album came out; they opened for RED and skillet. great, great show. got to meet sarah too, and mark, both are wonderful people.

sarah has had some health issues recently but im glad theyre still putting out music. if u dont have their new album, get it.

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