Song of the Day: Symphony of Heaven - Deathmarch

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Here is a nice adult contemporary Sunday SOTD for ya…NOT!!!! This artist consists of an acquaintance of mine Logan Thompson who started solo back in 2016 who hails from Indiana, USA. What drew this fan twas the name & the debut single In Anger’s Midst. Since then, I hung out with most of the band members at my local festival Audiofeed (which is what Cornerstone festival became). Covid has deterred us Christian metal heads from hanging out again this year. His patch “WE are Metal, We Are Family” refers to Pastor Bob’s Sanctuary International. Shawn from Rottweiler Records did an awesome job signing SOH & each of the 3 releases has ‘believe it or not”, a different sound of unblack metal to them. Fast forward to August 2020 & Logan has gathered 3 full-fledged members: Mason (drummer) from Bearded Dragon Productions (a record label), David from Timōrātus & Eros from Renascent. That’s the lineup in the video you are about to see from the second single (the first being Ye Shall Be as gods) to their upcoming EP The Ascension of Extinction. The quoted scripture is from 2 Thessalonians 2.

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Jared S.
Jared S.
August 23, 2020 6:31 pm

Rottweiler has some great talent.

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