Song of the Day: Plankeye: I Can't Complain

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There are so many songs I could have chosen from this Californian band that are top notch such as Struck By The Chord, Step Away, Who Loves You More, The Meaning Of It All, etc… I remember being at Central Bible College) in Springfield, MO during a college days back circa 1995 when I first heard the Spill album. I was amazed point blank. I dug their raw sound especially Open House & Free Me. The band split into 2 different bands by the time this song was released. So why did I choose this one? Because, there are so many times in life that the grass seems greener on the other side & life seems hard & I get overwhelmed just like most. We have this hope in Heaven & for that we cannot complain as Christians. We are sinners save by His grace.

I told you once before (so like it or not) you’re stuck with us.
Because “we ain’t goin nowhere”, not this time – the stakes
Are far too high.
Oh no… here we go…
Up ahead I see the land; His promise.
Ain’t it grand?
But I keep getting stuck down here (here).
Oh no… here we go…
Will the spark light up the sky?
Or will these waters run a dry?
Feel the curse that calls me man.
It’s in my blood it’s in the land.
I can’t complain and all my bills have been paid.
Thank you so much for all the wonderful

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March 19, 2021 4:28 pm

Amen!! Plankeye 4eva!!

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