Song of the Day: Massivivid - Forgiven

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Ever heard of Deitiphobia? Massivivid is what became of Wally Shaw’s (founder of Deitiphobia) musical endeavours. Likened to Nine Inch Nails, the music is more guitar driven than his previous. I remember hearing Wally’s music back in the mid 90s & loved the song Red Society when industrial was at its peak in the mainstream. My email address back then was even industrial_remixx! Well time has progressed & Massivivid even won a Dove award in the Christian market with 1998s Hard music Album of the Year. This release’s record label, Tattoo, also brought us B.U.C.K which I wrote a review a few weeks ago.  Several C.S. Lewis inspired quotes are included on the album as well. Their follow-up reminded me of Marilyn Manson (musically) to a degree & had greats such as Boomerang & All The Rage. I chose this song because of its heartfelt lyrics. Jesus paid the way & did it all. Nuff said. Check it out

This world crucifies you again and again
I’m trying hard to escape the influence of sin
You offered your blood and i ran with your pain
Though i rejected you,
You’d do it all the same if i asked you to
Your hand has always been upon my head
You’ve always been there just like you said
It hurts less to live when i give in
And in you arms tonight i’m forgiven
Forgiven because your grace says
I don’t need to wonder why
You destroyed the walls i built by giving up your life
Consuming fire come quickly
For i long to see your face
I know i need you now
I don’t understand it
Why your love just will not die
I will seek your face
Receive your grace
I know you’ll draw nigh
If i ask you to
I can’t comprehend your generosity
You don’t owe me anything yet
You give it all to me if i ask you to

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January 13, 2021 11:50 pm

Now Massivivid is a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Back in my college days, there was a local Christian used music store in Springfield, Missouri that my buddies and I would frequent. Found tons of great stuff there over the years, like Dance House Children, The Prayer Chain, Fold Zandura, and others. This album was one of the ones I picked up, as I’ve always had a soft spot for Christian electronica/Industrial rock. Solid record.

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