Song of the Day: Kiros: Broken State

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Kiros (Greek for a moment of divine time) was a Canadian punk influenced modern rock band that had an 11 year career ending in 2013.  It also appears a review was made on their release prior to today’s SOTD on this very website! Today’s SOTD is extremely catchy so check out these lyrics & hilarious video!

Careful living
Is reckless at the core
You trade in sell out
Is this what I’ve waited for

It’s so inviting
Pursuing empty dreams
With hearts left behind
But I can’t resort to settling

When I just want some clarity
Cause these blurred lines are all I see

I can’t afford the price you’ve paid to
But I can’t take this broken state of me

These shallow things
Don’t help me feel okay
It’s wasting my time
Instead of walking on the waves

I’ve been so resigned
To life in black and white
But I have this time
To add some colour to the sky

There’s a conviction, there’s a reason that I’m reaching for
Cause in this fading place I can’t help thinking that there so much more

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Marco Leal
March 22, 2021 1:08 pm

They were such a great band! In 2016 they decided to give all their music away for free download. Here’s the Facebook post with link:

Dave Hawkins
March 25, 2021 6:05 pm

Absolutely great guys. Very committed to the Lord. One night, they stayed at our home after a local show. It was 2am, but no one was going to bed before they did devotionals as a band.

March 24, 2021 8:21 am

They sounded great, I’m surprised I’ve never listened to them before! The video reminds me of A Plea For Purging’s “Malevolence”, just with less silliness

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