Song of the Day: Chaotic Resemblance - Sound Of The Saints

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Oklahoma’s Chaotic Resemblance plays music reminiscent of 80s hard rock/glam metal. This review is in high expectations of their upcoming release which will probably sport their most current single Unto The Lamb which features Stryper’s very own Oz Fox who has undergone some health issues recently but is recovering. Plus, they just have a cool name & my buddy Kelly & I got the chance to see them live a couple years back before this whole Covid hit. They have new pretty cool t-shirts as well on their site:

Check out these partial lyrics to my fave from them thus far.

This Is The Sound, This Is The Sound
This Is The Sound Of The Saints
Can You Hear, Can You Hear
This Is The Sound Of The Saints

I Will Live For You I’ll Never Retreat
No Matter The Battle No Foe I Will Flee
I Will Live For You I’ll Never Retreat
Not Matter The Battle I Will Not Flee

And Where Is The Body That Slaughters Their Sheep
Children Go Hungry No Shoes On Their Feet
Spirit Of Addiction, Depression, And Strife
I Bind You In The Name That Brings Healing And Life

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