Song of the Day: Calibretto 13 - Christian Hate Mail

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Cowpunk (punk music w/ acoustic guitars instead of electric) is such a thing & Calibretto 13 did it well if I might say so. Green Day was probably the most popular band that dabbled in the genre, but MxPx & Officer Negative’s side project Zippy Josh & the Ragtag Band also played it in the quasi-Christian arena. Tooth & Nail Records’ Calibretto has some great songs with their most famous being High Five which featured quirky lyrics about being friends even if people do not agree. On the opposite side of the spectrum is Christian Hate Mail whose lyrics serve as a stark reminder that we are the body of Christ & should act as such.

[Verse 1]
What is this I see? Can we not get along?
Discord in the body shows me something is wrong
Difference of opinion brings about your hate
The way that we view life makes you so irate

Why can’t you see there’s no unity
In the way you hate me just because we don’t agree?

Send us your hate mail in the name of Christ
Insult us, bash us, but don’t play nice
I’m sure the Father’s proud of the way you treat your brother
It’s sad to say the Christian way is beating up each other

[Verse 2]
Not everything is black and white
What makes me wrong? What makes you right?
I’m a Christian, too, but I would never want to be like you
We see things differently
You don’t know my heart, and you don’t know me
Stop holding this grudge, why don’t you let God be my judge?

Your convictions, they are not mine. The way you act is out of line



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February 11, 2021 7:11 am

I have always loved this song, not to mention this entire album it is found on. That said, reading these lyrics just bum me out, knowing Joe left Christianity.

On a brighter note, if I ever want my wife to get out of bed I just put on any Calibretto song and just wait. It usually takes .06 seconds for her to jump out of bed and turn it off. She detests them, if that story was not clear enough.

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Graham Wall
Graham Wall
February 14, 2021 9:04 am

I first heard them on Songs from the Penalty Box, Vol. 5. I remember my dad playing a sample on the local Christian bookstore’s music player, and we both thought they sounded pretty strange. 🙂

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