Song of the Day: August Burns Red - Chop Suey!

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How many of y’all like covers? Well, ABR has done several & have made them into their own metalcore sound. Covering songs from Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Saves the Day & The Legend of Zelda, Nofx, tons of Christmas ones & now System of a Down, they are always welcome to my ears. Apparently, they played this one during soundcheck before their shows tons before finally deciding to do a cover. It is also one that they showcase more of their clean vocals than before. The single was released December 15th on Fearless Records which is the label that has brought us music from Starset, The Color Morale, Blessthefall, Wage War, Classic Case, The Almost & my fave band of all time, Underoath. Saw the band several years ago as they toured with Killswitch Engage in Charlotte, NC. It was cool to see their vocalist who was from a city I used to live in, Columbia South Carolina. He actually said hello to his mother whom was there that night!  The song has also been covered as a parody by Apologetix going by the name of Downer of a Sister. Anyways, hope you like ABR’s take. I certainly do!

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