Project 86 Week - Day 1

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In honor of Project 86’s newest epic (in the poetic sense) Knives to the Future, IVM and Team Black Recordings have teamed up to bring you an epic (in the size and scale sense) week-long event filled with unique content directly from the man himself, Andrew Schwab. Be sure to check back each day this week as we unveil a series of “One easy, one hard” questions leading to Friday’s fan-question-based interview.

We gave Knives a full 5-stars in our review, noting that while individual songs may not be as catchy as some of their releases, the overarching story and great musical depth draw you in in powerful ways. Knives to the Future is already in the hands of IndieGoGo backers, but comes out tomorrow for the rest of the world. We strongly recommend getting this one. It gets better and better with each listen.

One Easy, One Hard Question:

Easy Question: What has been different in doing a second highly successful kickstarter/indiegogo campaign this time around? Anything you didn’t expect or any ways the fans surprised you?

Schwab: Our starting goal was a bit higher this time around-$50,000.00.  Ending up with nearly $90,000.00 was a real statement by the fans, and though we never doubted, it was a great feeling to end up with that number.  Having people express their support and belief in your band in this way is very validating, and a great launching point into recording new material.  I think this album captures that energy, which started with the fans.

Hard Question: Now that you are making the move to Colorado to go into vocational pastoral ministry, how do you think this change will effect Project 86 in the foreseeable future?

Schwab: My position came with certain stipulations, the first of which being that P86 recording and touring is a priority.  I have had a desire to use my gifts in a new community for some time, and I was just waiting for the right opportunity which would compliment all my existing endeavors without taking away from them, if that makes sense.  Now, I have a new home base of operations among a group of people who are directly supportive of what I am doing in the spiritual sense.  Having that support really means the future is still bright, if not brighter, for all things P86.

So, there’s day one. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we unveil more Q&A with Schwab. Knives to the Future is out in the wild tomorrow, be sure to grab a copy. Give it several listens and you’ll be drawn in deeper each time. While you’re here on IVM, be sure to check out past _______ Weeks, including Project 86 Week 2012, and see why P86 made our list of ten heavier bands you need to listen to.

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