Have You Heard of The Point of No Return?

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Not to be confused with the vegan, straight edge band from Brazil nor the rock band out of Missouri. The Point of No Return were a Spirit Filled Hardcore band from Germany. FFO: No Innocent Victim, Figure Four, The Blamed, 2Minute Minor, and Hanover Saints.

They formed in early 2010 and in 2011 recorded their “Reason To Fight” EP which had a hardcore in your face style reminiscent of spirit filled artists as No Innocent Victim and Figure Four. In 2012 there were some line up changes and the restructured band began writing for their 2015 release “See All the Captives”.

They kept their hardcore sound they were known for, but continued to grow and fine tune it. They added some Street Punk in their song writing which was well received. “See All the Captives” sound tends to bring to mind great bands as The Blamed, 2Minute Minor, and Hanover Saints in addition to the forementioned Hardcore bands.

Alas, as tends to happen all too often with great bands, The Point of No Return disbanded in 2016. While their Facebook page is in German and some of their song intros are as well, these guys sang in English. They left behind 2 great releases and have them available as free downloads on their bandcamp page below.

Enjoy, be safe, and Christ bless you!


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