Featured Album: Rottweiler Record's Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 8

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I know it’s not Christmas yet, but in the spirit of the season, Shawn Browning’s Rottweiler Records released their yearly Christmas compilation back on November 24, 2020. I remember seeing various Facebook posts about the upcoming project & is up on Rottweiler’s Bandcamp page. Consisting of 20 songs, this comp is sure to satisfy most hard subgenre lovers. The lead track For Unto Us is Malaysian band Shamash who actually released their first EP recently. Coming in on track 2 is progressive rockers Mawcore (formerly known as Blushing Well) with vocalist Joshua Redding who is pretty active on social media so it was nice seeing them here. I’ve also been seeing a lot of posts regarding who the best bassist, drummer, vocalist, etc is during the pandemic & Rex Carroll is commonly listed as one of the best guitarists. His version of Carol of the Bells is track 4. Saving Jackie (newer band with a female vocalist) does their take with Winter Wonderland. 3 Days Under has released some great tunes the past couple years & their Christmas Medley is rocking. Shawn’s own Graverobber comes in on track 6. Chicago’s goth Leper’s version of Silent Night comes in on track 7. Have seen & hug with Leper a few times at Audiofeed so was nice to see them on here. Track 8’s comes from Georgia’s Dire who puts on a rocking show (I can attest as I have seen them as well). Industrial artist David Pataconi gives us his take on What Child Is This. Timoratus has put out a bunch of recent tuneage & comes in on their original Christmas Present Chaos on track 12. Punk rawk band Dispraised is featured on Track 14. Death Metallers Mangled Carpenter brings us their version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen on track 17. There are a few artists I have seen on other Rottweiler Christmas comps but nowhere else such as They Act Human & Derek Close. All in all, check this comp out & prepare to headbang while understanding the words as you hum/scream/growl along! Have a joyous holiday!

Here is the lead track from Shamash

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Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith
December 25, 2020 1:33 am

Who is Shawns GraveRobber?

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