August Burns Red Week - Day 2

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In honor of their new album Rescue and Restore, which is out in stores today, IVM has teamed up with Solid State Records to give you August Burns Red Week. Each day this week drummer Matt Greiner will answer one “easy” and one “tough” question about the band, life, music, and more.

Who do you think is the most influential person/group in music right now? (why?)

Justin Timberlake.  Here is a man in a solo band who started as a boy in a ‘boy-band.’ In addition to being a musician who continues to write hit singles that top the charts, he is a successful actor and comedian as well.  Our culture is automatically attracted to musicians and almost ‘supernaturally’ attracted to actors, which puts JT in a sphere of his own.

On a more ‘local’ scale, Oliver Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon is the most influential person I know.  He has a way of capturing a crowd’s attention that is unprecedented in my experience. Oli is in a league of his own in the ‘metal’ music industry.

What is the most difficult thing about being believers and being in the music industry?

In my own experience, believing in Jesus is easiest to do when that belief or religion is reinforced socially, personally, and intellectually.  The hardest part about being in the music industry, which in my case means touring 6 months out of the year, is finding that ‘social’ reinforcement I am talking about.  I am on the Vans Warped Tour this year and am able to maintain a personal belief in God and even an intellectual one (via podcasts from pastors like Tim Keller).  However, the social reinforcement is not what it is out here on the road compared to what it is when I am home and around church and family.  Last night, I attended a Bible study and we were able to spend some time in prayer building each other up as believers and encouraging each other in our faith.

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