Song of the Day: Few Left Standing - Wishing You

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Few Left Standing was a spirit filled late 90s hxc band from Tennessee. Their stuff was primarily released by Takehold Records which actually housed Underoath in their early days (my fave from the band). The band reformed & played a show recently at Furnace Fest. This SOTD always reminded me of another song by Zao called A Fall Farewell as the lyrics relate to wishing a friend would find Jesus. I also put some of the footage from the Furnace Fest show for your enjoyment.

A moment whispered
A fleeting thought
A lifetime lived
In one short breath
I sit alone in a quiet place
Remembering a smile
A smile that in one instant
Drowns out the sorrows of the world
A smile from the face of innocence
I sit and watch
As the seasons change
Falling like dying leaves
I sit and watch as the cold hands
Choke at my existence
You’re not the only one
You’re hurting
You stare expressionless
As our worlds are torn apart
I reach for your hand
Why don’t you reach back?
God knows my heart
He knows my desire
She knows my inside
And how I tear at the pain
Of watching you die
When I pray I’m wishing
You were with Him

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Loyd Harp
March 11, 2022 6:29 am

Great band! They used to get a whole lot of flack at shows in the local Memphis hxc scene!

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