Hippos of Doom – Road Trip Ep (Free Download)

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Hippos of Doom – Road Trip Ep (Free Download)

We are excited to bring you a FREE Ep download from punk band, Writing Custom Admx Files. .

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1. Old School Rocking Crew

2. Wool Brigade

3. Holiday Road

4. Judge Not

5. The Royal Philharmonic Goes to the Bathroom

Hippos of Doom on the web:
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40 Responses to 'Hippos of Doom – Road Trip Ep (Free Download)'

  1. xbyronx says:

    Good Morning Brandon,

    Thanks so much for all your support.


  2. Dig it! Nice work fellas! Now stop posing with the dinosaurs and get to work on that full length…

  3. xbyronx says:

    Hello All,

    Make sure you message the Hippos on Facebook if you would like some free stickers. Thanks for all the kind words.


  4. Dissertation Writing Services Usa Address check. says:

    This is an awesome cd! I’m sure it will grow on me even more!
    Seriously. Nothing better than free punk. Not even free money.

  5. Jason ACG says:

    loving it dudes keep it up and get that full length out already!

  6. Marshall says:

    This is really good you guys! Thanks for keeping Punk Rock alive!

  7. NormireX says:

    Not too bad. Reminded me of a lot of the 90’s/Early 2000’s Christian punk bands. While listening the following bands came to mind, War Rocket Ajax, Smiley Kids, older Ghoti Hook maybe even a little Noggin Toboggin, Freeto Boat etc…

  8. thruchristalone777 says:

    I am really liking this!

  9. xbyronx says:

    Good Morning,

    Once again thank you for all your kind words. Your bribes (free stickers) will be going out in the mail today.

    God Bless


  10. Jason says:

    Ravenhill recommended you to me, so its gotta be good.

  11. Cactus says:

    On track five at the beginning of the vocal part, I swear the guy from The Way was singing. The lyrical content was kinda similiar to those guys to.
    Anywho, nice job H.O.D. I shall be anxiouly awaiting your full length and split EP with…the name of the other band eludes me. Still, nice job.

  12. The Hippo’s of Doom suck, I can’t believe I wasted my bandwidth downloading this lame EP. Seriously. Hippos will never dominate. OLD-TIMERS FOREVER. By the way I love this. Byron I want free stickers and some ham flavored denture cream please. You post them to South Africa now d’ya hear!!

    *NB Don’t take offense kiddies, this is just some label mate banter. It’s the way we show each other love. Throw bricks at Hippo’s*

    • If you hadn’t clarified that…

    • xbyronx says:

      I noticed you didnt put your address on the post card you sent me. But I am waiting until we have our shirts printed that way I can send you and Don a Hippos and ABSOLVED shirt.

      Oh and you don’t have to fear the Hippos of Doom as much as the members of our Tribe. Justine was about to use some sweet force powers on you old man.


  13. Ron R says:

    I want you to do a split with The Lonely Revolts…

  14. Ron R says:

    These aren’t the Hippos you’re looking for…..

  15. Love it!!! Keep it coming

  16. oh and yeah…Russ…Russ…move your feet.

  17. slinger says:

    Hey, these guys are pretty good! :)

    • xbyronx says:

      Thanks Slinger, if you havn’t make sure you message us on Facebook with your address so I can send you some stickers.


  18. Nyx1974 says:

    Great punk to blast through our house!!

    • xbyronx says:

      My Neighbors will not consider it “Great punk” as they have been hearing it for a few months now.. ha ha. Be sure to message us on Facebook to claim your free stickers.


  19. Brandon J. says:

    314 downloads in 2 weeks! Very good.

  20. xbyronx says:

    Oh my, this is exciting news. Once again thank you Indie Vision Music for supporting the cause of the Water Swine aka Hippos of Doom


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