Metanoia – Retroceder Nunca

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Metanoia – Retroceder Nunca
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4.8 (8 votes)

Band: Metanoia
Title: Retroceder Nunca
Label: Thumper Punk Records
Release Date: September 2012
Reviewer: Jessica Cooper

Track Listing:

  1. Evidente
  2. Retroceder Nunca
  3. Inutil
  4. Peluquero
  5. Dia Nuevo
  6. Te Amo
  7. Este Es Tu Hogar
  8. Otra Dimension
  9. No Me Averguenzo
  10. Sin Palabras

There’s nothing to deny when it comes to how real this album is. Retroceder Nunca is so on-point with its sound, energy, and production quality, and this is a punk album worth your time and money. Yes, it’s entirely in Spanish, but that doesn’t detract from its quality and ability to attract attention. In my opinion, it’s worlds ahead of itself, because the band incorporates more than just punk elements. It’s on the more heavy side of punk, and stands out with its track “No Me Averguenzo”, sneaking in a bit of jazzy piano at the end. There’s a consistency in the tempo, but there still remains a diversity between tracks. Metanoia attribute their sound to the name of their band, which means a change in focus, mind, and life brought about by Jesus. Retroceder Nunca translates to “No Retreat” and that totally parallels with their high-energy, classic, uplifting punk for fans of Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, and Pennywise.

Overall: If you’re into punk, Retroceder Nunca is one release you should definitely add to your repertoire. Thumper Punk even tags a money-back guarantee to it to ensure that you won’t be disappointed, but I don’t think you’re going to need that. There’s no doubt this band’s got the goods to make it.

RIYL: Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, Pennywise, and Millencolin.

Metanoia - Retroceder Nunca, 4.8 out of 5 based on 8 ratings Christmas Essays.

18 Responses to 'Metanoia – Retroceder Nunca'

  1. Haha, that’s understandable, man!

  2. Thanks for the review. We now have Spanish and English (translated) lyrics that we provide to purchasers.

  3. Although I hardly understand any Spanish, this release is super good and enjoyable. I also hear a rumor that the band might be recording some songs in English soon ;)

  4. alexisal says:

    This band is awesome, considering that Spanish is my native language, and I hardly enjoy spanish bands, but these guys are great!

  5. I got this and it was so worth it. The lyrics can be sent to you in English as well as Spainish. Very talented group. It has Smiley Kids cover, Craigs Brother cover and a Dogwood cover. All done very well. Not to mention a musical intro simular to a “bad religion” song.

  6. calends says:

    Thought this band:

    An Essay About Best Friends.

    Released something new. Bummer. :P

    I remember the good ol’ days when my friend’s father (who was a pastor) heard him listening to my Metanoia tape and chucked it against the wall. I understand why after listening to it again!

    • calends says:

      Eh. Personally, I don’t care much. Metanoia (the metal band) has been dead for a very long time :)

      Anyways, this band is pretty good. I wish I knew spanish. They sound refreshingly classic.

  7. Brandon J. says:

    We have added the bandcamp player to this review so you can listen after reading Jessica’s words.

  8. Cactus says:

    I heard “Intulis”
    and I was like.
    “what the heck? These guys TOTALLY ripped of the Smiley Kids!”

    It helps to read the footnotes, kids

  9. Cactus says:

    This is actually a dang catchy album, if I do say so myself. After listening to mainly harder punk this year, it was refreshing to listen to music like THIS again.

    If I had one complaint, however, it would be that there are only a few original songs.
    We all know that they cover Craig’s Brother (“Sin Palabras/My Annie”), Smiley Kids (“Inuntil/Useless)” and Dogwood (“Este Es Tu Hogar/Home is Here) but four others are covers of some other people. Don’t get me wrong, the covers are great, but it would be cool for some more original music.

    Otherwise, killer CD. Really can’t go wrong with this, unless you are somehow morally opposed to melodic punk. It’s a dang catchy. I think the Chileans get American pop punk better than Americans do.

    Of course then Swedes (Millencollin, DUH!) also seem to have a good grip on it.
    Anyways, I’m getting off topic here…

    If you read the lyrics, they are actually pretty good. I mean they’re not all that deep, but Christians will be able to enjoy e’m.

    So… (I’ve only listened to it once, I’m not about to write some really deep review) if you find 10 or 12 bucks on the sidewalk, order it from the Thumper Punk Records webstore.

    See, now wasn’t THAT easy?

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