Every Knee Shall Bow – Weary Warrior

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Every Knee Shall Bow – Weary Warrior
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Title: Weary Warrior
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Release Date: March 23, 2012
Reviewer: Taylor C.


  1. Call of Love
  2. Cleansing
  3. The Mercy

I challenge anyone to eat the same sandwich every day for several months straight. It’s almost impossible because what once was delicious becomes bland no matter how good it is. Now, I used to work in a sandwich shop, so I’ve actually seen customers do this day in and day out, but they’re a very grey looking bunch…often slapping down exact change and wandering away like zombies.

I don’t know how goofy the sandwich metaphor is, but it’s how I genuinely felt when listening to Every Knee Shall Bow’s Weary Warrior. As far as my personal taste goes, there is nothing wrong with the EP. It’s a fun listen, contends well with those of its genre (both secular and Christian), and has been produced to perfection by the hallowed fingers of Rocky Gray (Living Sacrifice, Soul Embraced, Machina, Evanescence, etc). To be honest, there’s not one dull moment in the entire 17 minute timeframe.

In the end, however, Weary Warrior is a lot like other deathcore (borderline metalcore) bands, complete with breakdowns, chunky riffs, pig-squeals and occasional clean vocals—which is fun to rock out to if the mood is right, but if you’re a veteran of the style, it brings nothing incredibly new or exciting to the table. Musically, the only influences I can detect are from other cliché bands of the same genre; and lyrically, it has its fair share of Christian clichés as well (ex. ‘All I ask of you is to open your heart and let me in…’ sung from the viewpoint of Christ in “Call of Love.”) In a nutshell, there’s isn’t anything profound here.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I like the EP. If details like originality don’t bother you, or if you’re relatively new to the genre, I highly encourage deathcore and metalcore fans alike to check these guys out. All three songs are entertaining and can be bought for under two dollars here (an insane price for 17 minutes of energetic, headbanging metal).

Overall: Weary Warrior is a good sandwich, but it’s an old one that I’ve had several times before. It’s not bad by any means, but it’s nothing new.

RIYL: Common Yet Forbidden, Crimson Armada, Saving Grace, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, With Blood Comes Cleansing

Every Knee Shall Bow - Weary Warrior, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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10 Responses to 'Every Knee Shall Bow – Weary Warrior'

  1. DT says:

    I enjoy this version of deathcore… borderline metalcore as opposed to borderline death metal. It’s fun. It blew up after the Doom EP, but seemed to fade, garner a lot of resentment, and evolve into different things really quick. I was left wanting more stuff like On Solid Ground, Hematidrosis, Beside Still Waters, SevenLastWordsofChrist, and A Thousand Times Repent. They were all darker and heavier than most metalcore bands, had some pig squeals, and, if they were smart, had some groove to the breakdowns (OSG – Question of Faith). All fun stuff. So, I don’t mind sandwiches like this or Romero.

    Anyway, another good review and a fair score. Seems like a pretty young band that should be worth watching. And since I never got quite enough of this sandwich, I’ll probably buy these tracks.

  2. http://pce.northwestern.edu/?dissertation-on-banking-risk-management Dissertation On Banking Risk Management. says:

    i will check this out soley because you mentioned Common Yet Forbidden. you win my friend. you win

  3. i will check this out soley because you mentioned Common Yet Forbidden. you win my friend. you win

  4. I love the sandwich metaphor! I used a similar metaphor (cheeseburgers) when defending my opinion on Phinehas.

  5. Shawn Browning says:

    Y’know what. . .

    I’ll take a six on this one!

    This was originally their garage demo, which was remixed by Rocky Gray. They go into the studio with Josh Barber from War Of Ages fame next month to record their full length.

    Yes, the bass player is only 12 and the guitarist is 13. Pretty amazing if you ask me!!

    Thanks for the review, Taylor!! Much appreciated, my brother!

    Now I suggest everyone go get this sandwhich. They are on sale for only $1.99!! Beat that, Subway!!!!

  6. CB says:

    Just wait till the bass player is taller than his bass and the guitarist can get a drivers license.. These guys are already so good. The full length is going to be amazing.. They put on such an incredible live show as well.. I do not agree with Taylor about these guys or the lyrics being cliche. They have a unique sound with perfect lyrics to match..

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