Tag: Uprise Fest

September 16, 2017

Welcome To IVM!

I just want to take a moment and thank my friend Rob Jensen, his family, and Zac Zinn for helping to represent Indie Vision Music at the Uprise Fest this weekend. I just want to say thank you to Rob for manning the IVM booth and getting all that great new/old music out to new friends from across the country as well as selling some sweet IVM Shirts to fans. I want to welcome any and all people that might visit IndieVisionMusic over the next few weeks and offer you a safe space to speak about music, life, and other entertainment.… Continued →

September 4, 2017

IVM Booth at Uprise Fest 2017

For all of our friends heading out to Uprise Fest in just a few short weeks, I wanted you all to know that there will be an official Indie Vision Music booth with TONS of IVM merch and related goodies. There will also be merch from the Thumper Punk Records roster as well on the same table. Rob Jensen is running the IVM Booth since I couldn’t be there in person. Just look for the white/black Indie Vision Music banner in the merch area and feel free to pick up some cool new cds, old cds (last remaining stock), tapes, and Tshirts from Light The Way and IVM.… Continued →

June 20, 2017

Light The Way CDs, Tapes, and Other News From IVM

I am pleased to announce that I just received a large shipment of Light The Way CDs, fresh from the factory. This CD is titled “Dude, Lame: Deluxe Edition, Man!”. It features both Eps “Grace” and “Dude, Lame” in their entirety all one on disc. Included are lyrics and full digipak packaging. Get yours for only $5 today in the IVM Store here. I also now have stock on DENS and American Arson. I am awaiting a shipment of Mainsail CDs and as soon as they are here the “preorder” link will disappear and then they’ll all start shipping.… Continued →