Tag: The Silver Cord

October 2, 2008

REVIEW : The Classic Crime - The Silver Cord

Artist: The Classic Crime Album: The Silver Cord Label: Tooth & Nail Release Date: 7/22/2008 Review By: Tyler Hess
  1. The End
  2. Just A Man
  3. Grave Digging
  4. The Way That You Are
  5. 5805
  6. Salt In The Snow
  7. Abracadavers
  8. RandR
  9. God and Drugs
  10. Medisin
  11. The Ascent
  12. Sing
  13. Everything
  14. Closer Than We Think
  15. The Beginning
Have you ever gone a couple years without seeing a friend or family member? Suddenly, they are back in your life, yet they have matured. You recognize them, but they have grown up. Some like to decide to get all tattooed and pierced and change their clothes and the way they talk, while others are basically just a more developed version of themselves.… Continued →