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October 23, 2021

Benjamin Daniel Releases Moving New Album, "Shelterheart"

Independent singer-songwriter, Benjamin Daniel drops his new 15 track full length album through bandcamp and all digital networks. It’s an introspective, moving piece of art that will do all it can to inspire you. This album is honest in more ways than one and when you peel back the many layers, you’re left with unmistakable beauty. Somber songs of joy and peace wrapped up in a blanket of vulnerability. This isn’t bombastic rock n’ roll meant to fill stadiums and incite riots but rather the kind of music you might find in a small coffee shop on a rainy evening with a warm jacket and hot beverage to sip with your eyes closed, hands raised, and the rhythm of your heart pumping to the sounds of music delight.… Continued →

July 11, 2021

Benjamin Daniel Announces New Album "Shelterheart"

The somber yet soothing sounds of Benjamin Daniel and his music, are woven into the fabric of Indie Vision Music and our community here that has been built back up post-2016 “rebirth”. If you don’t know who he is or what his music sounds like then do yourself a huge favor and pull up “Benjamin Daniel” on your favorite digital network (or here) and give it a listen. He just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the new album, “Shelterheart”, which you can read all about right here.… Continued →