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October 24, 2020

Song Of The Day: As We Are-Paralyzed

So I had a chance to meet these guys while I was recording a sound byte from their record label owner for my online radio station a few years ago at Audiofeed Festival in Central Illinois. Wow, has their style changed. I would have classified As We Are’s (stylized sometimes as AsWeARe or just plain AWA) sound as pop punk, but with a rock twist a few years back when they came out with their self-titled EP. The 3 member band consists of drummer Caden (drums), vocalist/guitarist Dale & bassist Eli.… Continued →

March 30, 2019

February 15, 2019

Raven Faith Records, New Signings

Are you one to seek out some new bands to listen to? There are so many bands and labels out there, it can be easy to let some get by you, but whatever you do, don’t let Raven Faith Records be one of them. Raven Faith Records is a newer label in a way and has a roster that is well worth checking out. A few bands worth mentioning here are Peter118, As We Are, CPR, Desiring Dead Flesh, Thre3, and The Bricks. More recently, the label has signed Outside the Shadows, His Calling, and they’ve renewed a contract with Peter118, who have also released a new single, “Waiting”, this past week.… Continued →

February 14, 2019

New Peter118 Track, "Waiting" (Free Download)

Yesterday, Peter118 released a new track on Raven Faith Records called “Waiting” and it really took me by surprise. For those acquainted with the Peter118 sound, you’re in for a big surprise as well. Up to this point, the band has played an edgy, raw punk rock, but this is like Peter118 meets Green Day (Nimrod/Warning era) meets 90s grunge and truthfully, the 90s grunge part stands out the most. This song is very well written, catchy as anything, and displays a real growth in songwriting.… Continued →

November 27, 2018

November 17, 2018

As We Are Release Remixed and Remastered Version of Ep with Bonus Tracks

Raven Faith Records and the band As We Are have released a remixed/remastered version of their last ep with bonus songs. The 8 song ep can be streamed below or right here. Digital purchase for $7.00. Also available on all digital networks. This really incredible pop-punk band out of Illinois has been making music for a few years and touring all over the U.S. with their infectious energy and memorable, melodic songs. If you’re looking for the next big thing then look no further than As We Are.… Continued →

August 9, 2018

Reliance Sign to Raven Faith Records, Release Debut Ep

Arizona based Punk Rock band – Reliance, have just signed with Raven Faith Records. The band just released their 6 track raging punk powerhouse of an ep now which you can pick up digitally here or on CD from Raven Faith Records here. This explosive, faith centered new punk band is sure to please old school and new school fans alike. For fans of Pennywise, Pulley, Bad Religion, and Dogwood. You can’t go wrong with punk rock like this! Watch a special video below and listen to the ep as well.… Continued →

August 2, 2018

CPR Release New Ep "Turn It Up!"

August 1, 2018. Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records have jointly teamed up for the release of “Turn It Up!” from Fountain Valley, California, based punk band CPR. While musically influenced by Oxymoron, The Damned, and Black Flag, CPR has a unique street punk sound that sets itself apart. Said lead singer Jet Wilson: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.” CDs will be available directly from CPR and Raven Faith Records on August 1. Digital downloads available now from: Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records.… Continued →

February 1, 2018

Raven Faith Records Sign Peter118

UK based Punk Rock group under the name Peter118 have indeed signed with the independent label Raven Faith Records. Check out this cool write up about the signing and new song right here. Since the demise of Thumper Punk Records, there are a large amount of former bands that are looking for a home. IVM will be working with 3 of them (so far) with a potential “split” between one of our bands and another TPR band as well. Things are looking up for punk rock across the globe and we are holding strong.… Continued →

January 19, 2018