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February 15, 2019

New(ish) Norma Jean - "Children of the Dead"

We’re a little behind on this news, but around a month ago, Norma Jean released a B-side from the Polar Similar album called “Children of the Dead”. The song is available on the Polar Similar Deluxe Vinyl Set, which you can get HERE. You can check out the video for this track below, it’s pretty bizarre, but a great song! Right now, the band is in the studio recording their 8th LP and the follow up to Polar Similar, so we can hopefully expect it later this year.… Continued →

January 5, 2017

November 9, 2016

REVIEW : Norma Jean - Polar Similar

The Almighty Norma Jean simply cannot be stopped. The storied band just released their seventh record, and it’s their best yet. They’ve reunited with Solid State records, their production has never sounded better, and despite having been around over fifteen years, Polar Similar proves they haven’t lost any steam. Norma Jean has been an anomaly for quite a few years. Meridional and Wrongdoers showed the group continuing to stretch themselves to top each previous studio effort. They’ve been on an upward streak since 2010, and I was curious whether they could continue the trend with Polar Similar.… Continued →