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March 5, 2022

Man Alive Return

Israeli punk rock band, Man Alive, are back (somewhat) as evidenced in some recent shows posted on their Facebook page. Check out a great live video of the band performing their set, below. You can follow this most epic and legendary punk rock outfit on Facebook here. Should I use the term “GOAT” here? YES! If you haven’t heard this band before nor given their past material a listen, check them out on digital networks now, just be warned, a lot of their past material isn’t available, but you can listen to a couple releases there.… Continued →

November 14, 2020

Song of The Day: Man Alive - Say What You Want

This band holds a special place in my heart. I’ve been a fan since 2001 or so when I first heard “Foreign Concepts” from Men of Israel Records. They were big time self promoters and got their music into my ears. I bought their early albums for sale in my store back in the day. The band was out from Israel touring the country and stopped in to play this store here in Orange County, CA. where I was putting on “I’m Your Biggest Fan Vol.… Continued →