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May 16, 2024

Noise Ratchet Announce Reunion Date at Furnace Fest and Till We Have Faces Re-Release on Vinyl

Noise Ratchet have announced their reunion by being added to the Furnace Fest 2024 lineup and they’ve also teased the vinyl re-release of their now classic album, “Till We Have Faces”, originally released by The Militia Group in 2002. The band would go on to record and release a follow up EP for The Militia Group before departing for a major and recording their ill fated full length with Rick Rubin which was shelved and has been in the vault ever since. I’ve heard it and it would have been the band’s finest work and on par with the biggest bands of the 00’s.… Continued →

September 2, 2017

Noise Ratchet Tease Return?

Originally coming from the So Cal. area and existing from the late 90’s until 2006 or so, Noise Ratchet were a force to reckon with. Frontman Joel Hosler has gone on to do some solo worship work in recent years and the other members with Delta Spirit. Many of us fans have been clamoring for a “return” and could this new twitter account be an answer to that call? Follow them here (or @NoiseRatchet ) and take a listen to the unreleased songs “Tears Now Flow” and “Lonely Love”, below.… Continued →

March 5, 2017