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August 2, 2017

Death Requisite Loses Member, Begins Working on New Material

The symphonic death metal band, Death Requisite has some upsetting news but also some equally exciting news, which I suppose equals everything out. On July 14, the band announced the departure of the band’s singer, Vincent St. James, after 4 years of being apart of the band. James was on the band’s most recent album and Rottweiler Records’ debut Revisitation. The two split ways on friendly terms. On July 31, the band would also announce they were writing new material. I’m personally a little bit upset about James’ departure.… Continued →

February 28, 2017

Flawed By Design working on New Material

The metalcore band Flawed By Design has begun to work on new material. The band formed in late 2011 with founding members Shane Atkinson (Drums) and Tony Greer (Guitars). They hired on Vocalist Dillon Reynolds and Bassist Davie Huffman and the band recorded their debut album A New Creation in 2015 through Rottweiler Records. Reynolds and Huffman both left in 2015, leaving Atkinson and Greer the only remaining members. On February 2, the band updated their cover photo and stated that they were working on new songs.  … Continued →