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January 20, 2014

REVIEW : David Thulin - Reconstruction 2.1

David Thulin, EDM and remix artist, has released his latest EP, Reconstruction 2.1, featuring remixes of songs by Jonathan Thulin, Shine Bright Baby, Rapture Ruckus, Natalie Grant, Press Play, and a new song featuring Nicole Croteau. Check out the review.

October 14, 2013

October 11, 2013

REVIEW : Natalie Grant - Hurricane

Natalie Grant, one of CCM's most prolific and compelling female artists of the last decade or so, releases her brand new 2013 album 'Hurricane' on October 15th, featuring the hit single 'Hurricane', and other standouts like 'For All Of Us', 'Burn Bright' and 'Closer to Your Heart'. Here is the review.