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October 19, 2022

Last Chance Marie Joins Small Step Records

One of my favorite up and coming record labels called Small Step Records is a community of sorts and a breath of fresh air in a scene of sameness and monotony. The founder Paul Hyde is also a member of the band Grandpa Loves Rhinos which joins Homeplate, Light The Way, and now… Last Chance Marie! They are also another great punk rock band and have a solid sound that isn’t a copy of anyone. If you want good production along with a certain rawness only punk rock can bring you, then check out the music of Last Chance Marie.… Continued →

February 6, 2021

Last Chance Marie Drops Debut Album

Last Chance Marie have dropped their debut full length album 10 years in the making. The album is titled “This Is Just Sound” and features 10 insanely catchy and altogether AWESOME melodic punk rock jams. Check out the album on bandcamp right here and below this post. You can also stream or purchase on any digital service right now. It’s like the perfect combo of Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, AFI, The Ataris, and MxPx, with a fresh sound and positive outlook.… Continued →