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March 15, 2021

And the Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album Goes to.... Kanye West

So maybe a handful of people actually tuned into the Grammy Awards last night to feel the full brunt of relevance that awards shows have actually turned into (sarcasm). Well surprisingly enough but not really, considering the mass appeal (and star power) coming from one such winner in the “Contemporary Christian Music Album” category at the Grammys last night. That’s right, Kanye West took home the top prize in that category for his album “Jesus Is King”. It’s a tough thing for any artist to break into an industry/music scene that isn’t of the same comfort zone that they are usually use to so congrats to Kanye for shaking things up.… Continued →

November 1, 2019

REVIEW : Kanye West - Jesus Is King

“Damn” is the only curse word you’ll hear on Kanye West’s latest album.* Jesus Is King is gospel rap, and not only in the usual sense. With the help of the Sunday Service Choir and Fred Hammond, the gospel influence is potent; although rhymes and beats are present, the latter are especially minimal. Opening track, “Every Hour,” includes no rapping at all and reminds me a little bit of TonĂ©x. Lyrically, the album is forthright in its expressions of Christian faith. Bible verses are referenced in “Selah” in such a way that would make even Goliath dizzy, while “Water” mentions Jesus’ name 16 times.… Continued →