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July 4, 2013

Analyzing Iron Sharpens Iron - "Justice"

A while back I had the opportunity to connect with Iron Sharpens Iron and be one of the first to review their Beware the Wolves EP. For a recap, the band had a moving and powerful testimony that helped to feed even more passion into an album that was dominantly leaning towards power metal. With their recent release of the song “Justice,” see lyric video below, the band begins to expand their range into the metalcore genre. As Brandon noted, rather than a RIYL that would stray towards Blessed by a Broken Heart, now the band is going head to head with the likes of Phinehas and August Burns Red.… Continued →

January 28, 2013

REVIEW : Iron Sharpens Iron - Beware the Wolves EP

In 2011, Iron Sharpens Iron debuted a powerful EP that shows what a blending of musical styles can lead to when done correctly. In 2013, the review finally made its way to the world, just in time to prepare it for the band's upcoming full-length debut album. You're welcome.