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November 19, 2016

The Ongoing Concept Loses 3/4 Lineup(?)

Recently, I discovered The Ongoing Concept. Ok, well I had heard of them before, just was never interested. I downloaded the Son of Screamfest 2016 compilation and heard “Prisoner”. I followed up with listening to “Cover Girl”, “Failures and Fakes” and “Saloon”. I did a little more research, and discovered something. It seems that Brothers Kyle and Parker Scholz and friend TJ Nicholz seem to have left the band. Leaving Dawson Scholz, the remaining brother, the main member. There was no mention of the members departure at all, but there were several pictures with another lineup.… Continued →

July 2, 2015

Handmade Album Cover

REVIEW : The Ongoing Concept - Handmade

The Ongoing Concept have delivered another unique, high energy album. The logical continuation in style after “Saloon”, “Handmade” features a more reigned in style with songs that work in conjunction and don’t feel like a greatest hits album.