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January 6, 2024

Song of the Day: Elder - Suddenly Religion vs Sugar Medicine

This band was pretty cool back in high school. One of those you like their sound or hate em. Here is a couple of their songs from 2 different albums they released under the Elder name. Instead of giving y’all tons of info on them-check their background here at this sire.¬† https://downthelinezine.com/cue/four_living_creatures¬† And, they totally are from this town I moved to recently I just found out!!!  … Continued →

September 4, 2023

August 18, 2023

Song of the Day: My Friend Stephanie - Flavor of the Month

I was listening to my old Live at the Strand CD recently. It’s a compilation of artists who played at the legendary Strand Theater in downtown Marietta, GA, just outside of Atlanta. It had been years since I heard the CD and only remembered a few of the tracks on there, and then this absolute banger came on! I looked through all of their albums to see which one it came from, so I could find the studio version to feature here, but I couldn’t find it.… Continued →

March 16, 2022

February 18, 2022

Song of the Day: The Souls Unrest - Rising

Brace yourself. The Souls Unrest has one of the more complicated histories in all of Christian metal. The roots of the band lie in old school punk band Spudgun, who released one album on Bulletproof Records (a division of Gray Dot). That band got heavier and darker, changing styles so much that a new name was warranted–World Against World. That version of the band also released one album (an amazing album at that) for Bulletproof, before morphing again. A short-lived project called The Orcrist followed, but released no official recordings.… Continued →