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July 8, 2023

OHK-0 Launch From The Ashes of Send Out Scuds

A really great ska-punk-pop band called Send Out Scuds existed over a decade ago, released an ep on Blood & Ink Records then just disappeared off into the sunset. Well some former members are back with a new group called “OHK-0” which promises to take some of that same fun and energetic songmaking into this new project with some more keys/synths and a whole new direction. Follow them on Facebook here and follow along on their twitch channel here. The band plans to release a new (debut) song any day now.… Continued →

April 3, 2022

Names Without Numbers - You Do The Talking (New Lyric Video)

I’d like to shed new light on this recent new song from Names Without Numbers. The song is called “You Do The Talking” and it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the BEST song the band has done. The band without a doubt have a diverse sound yet are extremely melodic, with precise attention pointed toward addictive melodies, and unforgettable harmonies. They are an alt-rock band with indie roots clearly showing, not afraid to shy away from a certain pop like influence. They straddle the line between the raw, unfiltered power of a rock band set to storm the stage with power and fury, and a band clearly wearing their pop side on their sleeves.… Continued →