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December 22, 2023

June 21, 2023

Klank Releases "Between Unholy and Divine Vol. 2"

Klank has just released the follow up to last year’s “Between Unholy and Divine Vol. 1” with Vol. 2 dropping last week. It’s an insane combo of heavy guitars and electronic sounds that’ll get you in full beast mode ready to meet your day head on. I’ve listened on Spotify and enjoyed what I heard. Go check it out now on all digital networks and buy physical media by clicking this link here (it is also available on Vinyl).… Continued →

February 27, 2021

Song of the Day: The Echoing Green - Suffer

This review is in response to a Facebook post I had made a month or so ago on a review I had done on here. The gentleman I had spoke with & I have a lot in common, including our passion for Christian EDM.  Joey Belville & company IMHO brought the fledgling Christian electronic/synthpop rock genre to fruition. Several other artists involved in the genre ie Painted Orange, Code of Ethics, Sheltershed, LZ7, Capital Kings & World Wide Message Tribe, etc… I remember owning Scott Blackwell’s Myx Records release Defend Your Joy back in the mid 90s & I was ecstatic.… Continued →

August 26, 2017