Tag: Electronic Dance Music

February 10, 2023

Song of the Day: Dr. Onionskin - FJR

Dr. Onionskin has a long and somewhat interesting history. Born Shane Ries, he had a brief career in the 80s in mod and power pop bands (a fact I only recently discovered), but first came into CCM prominence with the oddly effective project Hymn Jim’s Gospel Gems (1995), which fused traditional hymns with dance music. He re-branded a year later as Dr. Onionskin and changed styles to acid jazz, releasing the quirky, instrumental and semi-brilliant Split Pea Soup. Then in 1996 he changed styles again, though still building on jazz-electronica fusions, and emerged with Bully and oh my gosh, what a record!… Continued →

January 13, 2014

New Westerns - The Fold

OKC based Synth/Pop group New Westerns have released their first video. It is for their track “The Fold” off of their Cities and Places EP. You can check out New Westerns and find their music by visiting their website, here. You can preview and buy Cities and Places on iTunes. Like what you hear? Be sure to make some noise in the comments section and tell the world what you think. Continued →