Tag: Electro-Punk

November 2, 2021

Nate Parrish Drops Remix Version of "Religion of Relevance"

I’m not always the biggest fan of electronic based REMIX tracks but this one by Nate Parrish really shines bright. It is done every bit as professional as anything found on modern day radio. If you didn’t think punk and electronic DJ related music could coexist, just listen to this and let your head spin. Nate Parrish is one of my favorite punk and solo artists. His music hits me in the gut in all the right ways and this new music is certainly no exception.… Continued →

August 29, 2017

Eleventyseven to Release a RAD Album in November, Kickstarter Campaign Now Launched

Electro-pop-punk band, Eleventyseven, are releasing their first new full length in almost 7 years and it will be titled….wait for it….RAD SCIENCE! Get ready for an absolute ear hole explosion of pure joy and unrelenting melodies sure to make a fan out of out anyone including even the grumpiest of family members. The group have launched their new kickstarter campaign to fund the release of this RAD album right here. So jump on the chance to contribute to this outrageously cool, out of this world RAD campaign and let’s get Eleventyseven music back in people’s hearts!… Continued →